Our Vision

Our Vision is to assist our clients in achieving financial freedom through one of our Alternative Investment Funds. Our clients capital remains our number one priority, with a focus on identifying trends driving the market and building a strategy positioned to benefit from it.

Our Mission

Our aim is to control volatility on all our funds, while ensuring all our investors experience capital growth. All of this while maintaining high customer service standards, as your profit is our investment.

What we do

Our trading panel uses various tools to evaluate and determine the relative attractiveness of each trade. This includes fundamental data, technical analysis, risk to reward ratio as well as economic and market data, amongst other factors. Our approach dynamically weights the funds exposure as well identifying all factors driving the markets at any point in time, to ensure a great return on investment.

Meet Our Trading Panel


Francois du Plessis

CEO, Trading Panel Member & Senior Trader

He is the perfect workaholic CEO you want in charge. We had to force him to take the weekends off and have banned him from working on weekends so that he can also relax.


His favorite quote is : “Solid, stable growth is the best way to move forward”. This suites his personality perfect as he makes thing happen on schedule and pushes everything forward

Trouble Maker

Quintin Moodie

CFO, Trading Panel Member & Senior Analyst

Our very own trouble maker, with the musical knowledge of Shazam.


“I want to help as many people as possible become free. Financially free and also let them control their own lives. I will walk a very long and solid path with you if you believe in me and yourself.” – Quintin


Ruan Landsberg

CVO, Trading Panel Member & Senior Analyst

The young gun with the wisdom of Yoda, the deep thinker and Visionary.


Ruan’s goal in life is to make a change not only in the lives of individuals but also families and companies.His favorite quote is – “You are not who you think you are. You are not who they think you are. You are who you think, they think you are”

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